"The Robinson Family"
by Tamara Fisher

Evenings in the Robinson household are filled with homework, video games and bath time but there is no shortage of love. When I meet my cousin Dadrieal at his home in Clarkston GA. which is just east of Atlanta, he introduces me to his sons, my little cousins, Quyntavious (Sean) age 8, Trelon (Trey) age 4 and Kentrel who just turned 2 on November 24th. The apartment is blazing with all the energy these three little boys can muster.

Dadrieal describes himself as a widower raising three boys.

Dadrieal works for Airborne Express. His favorite hobby is Sega NFL football. Although he's laid back and reserved, He boasts about his skills in the game. The boys like movies and video games. Some favorites are 'Shrek' and Cosby's 'Little Bill'.

The kids spend every other weekend with their grandparents. His wife's parents live just a few apartments away. They also spend time with a host of cousins who live nearby.

I ask Trey if he is excited about Christmas.

"Yes!" he says, "I'm going to get a motorcycle! Two!" He holds up two fingers.

"Two motorcycles?!" I ask. "Can I ride?"

"Yes you can ride," he says, and I believe him because he's jumping up and down with excitement at the possibility of driving a motorcycle with his new found cousin on back.

Dadrieal has been in Atlanta for 11 years. He met his wife Shanta at Devry. They were married in May of 1998. Shanta died December 9, 2000. Shanta's death was unexpected. Three days before she died, she was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, a bacteria of her lungs.

Dadrieal talks candidly about his experiences with her gone.

"It's hard, thinking about her all the time.. It's like I had to start all over. The times it gets really hard is when I look at them. (He motions upstairs where his sons are playing.) I couldn't imagine going through life without my mom."

Dadrieal credits his oldest son with helping to keep things in perspective. "He's real smart, He helps me out a lot. My boys, that's what keeps me going."

His responsibilities have fostered an importance on family and a new respect for single moms. "You can't just pick up and go when it's just you."

I ask Dadrieal how he and his family are holding up with all that's happened.

"Things work out the way God plans. We made it though the first year, I know that time heals. You don't forget, You never forget but you just take it day by day. "

Dadriel is the great-grandson of Amanda Patterson Robinson. His parents are Marvin and Dorothy Robinson Jr. Marvin is the son of Marvin and Lenora Robinson Sr. of Williamston S.C.