April 2000

Volume 1, Issue 6

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Give Me More
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1 Your Registration Fee
2 Your Announcements
2 Give Us Help In
Locating These Family
2 Contact Other Family
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2 Our Family Directory
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Give Me More Information About Saturday!!

Many of you are wondering about extra activities on Saturday.

Hang on. We haven't told you about all the weekend plans yet. We plan to do so over time in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

You are paying and you deserve to know.

In our January issue, the family event for Saturday was detailed. It will be repeated in this issue.

Our package includes a private scenic pavilion, a lunch buffet, and an All Attraction Pass which includes UNLIMITED Admission into all the following:

--Skylift --RailRoad --Riverboat --Antebellum Plantation --Antique Car & Treasure Museum --Wildlife Preserve & Petting Zoo --Discovering Stone Mountain Museum –Tennis --Mini-golf --Rowboats --Pedal boats --Hydro Bikes --Beaches with Waterslides

This event will be take place from 9:00a to 3:00p. Saturday afternoon is free for you to do whatever you wish. Be on the lookout for suggestions we will have for you, such as a tour of the city, a Braves game, shopping for souvenirs, the nightclub scene, concerts, activities for the kiddies, etc.

Not to worry! We are still in the process of working out these details.

Your Registration Fee

Don't forget the following fees:

--$75.00 per adult --$30.00 per child ages 3 to 11 --Children under 3 are free

The prices charged include the cost of a T-Shirt; therefore, if a child under the age of three years old (who will not be charged for attending the reunion) needs a T-Shirt, you will need to pay $10.00 (ten dollars) for that T-Shirt.

As stated in our last issue, we will need half of your fee by March 31 and the other half by May 31. Please make your payment by check or money order and keep your cancelled check or money order receipt. DO NOT SEND CASH!!!! Your payment should be sent to Atlanta Patterson-Smith Family, P O Box 44063, Atlanta GA, 30336-1063.

Payment Plan

If you prefer to pay in installments, we will gladly accept $25 per month per adult and $10 per month per child beginning with this month until full amount is paid.

What Size Are You?

By the way, when you send in your payment, give us the sizes of the T-shirts you need.

Hotel Reservations

Don’t forget that all reservations will be made directly through the Atlanta Reservations Department. Please request the group rate for Patterson-Smith Family. To make reservations you may call 404-261-9250 (outside Atlanta, 1-800-241-8260) during the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. All reservation requests must be made by the cut-off date. Do NOT call the national Sheraton toll-free number. They do not know about our special rate.


Your Announcements

Don't forget to send in your announcements of births, deaths, marriages, illnesses, graduations, retirement, promotions, awards, etc.

Speaking of announcements, word has it that Mildred Bussey seems to be better than ever. Bravo, Mildred!!


Give Us Help In Locating These Family Members

Give us help in locating the following people:

--Zella Mae C Gibbs --Debora Shakoor --Lynda Smith --Donald Vinson --Melvin Rosemond --Mae Frances Rosemond --Linda Rosemond Daves --Russell Donaldson --Sitrena Tharrington --Lamont Simmons --Robert Simmons

They either moved and did not give us a forwarding address or have never been located. This is based on the returns of mailings sent to you. It is highly important that you let us know when your address changes.


Contact Other Family Members

Please give permission to publish your e-mail address for other family members. We would like to add it to the following list:

Eula Jones Anina Anthony …….


Contact Us

If you don't have an e-mail address (which is the preferable form of contact), call us—

--To give forms data --To give change of address information --To obtain copies of old newsletters --To tell us talents you can share with . . . the family (keep in mind that we . . . . . might not have a need for them all . . . . but let us know anyway; yours might . . be the one(s) we . need) --To submit your favorite recipes for . . . the family cookbook --To get to us family members we need . . to know about --To give permission to have your e- . . . mail address published --To let us know if you are having .. problem receiving your newsletters by

Again, it is important that you give us your change of address information. We want to stay in touch with you.

Don't forget that the toll-free number is for reunion matters only.


The Last Batch

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we are sending out one more batch of forms for you to complete to help us put together our family directoroy. As stated before, we need your stories about things you have done, places you have visited, family traditions, internet access, etc.

Don't forget that if you have lost these forms (PERSONAL INFO, EXPLORATORY, EMERGENCY CONTACT, DESCENDENTS), contact us and let us know which ones you need. We will gladly get them to you.

One of these forms (EXPLORATORY) has a place for you to check to give us permission to put you in the directory. We understand that not everyone wants to be included. Not to worry, you will not be included unless you tell us to do so.


Our Family Directory

If you have been reading the newsletters, you are aware that we are creating a family directory. This directory will contain information about you for publish to the rest of the family.

We will use the information you send via the questionnaires/forms you return to us.

Keep in mind the various methods of responding to us. We are really, really trying to make it easy for you to do so.

If it will help you in your decision, perhaps an explanation of the directory should be detailed further. It will contain your name, address, phone, birth information, marital information, spousal information, descendent information, your accomplishments, and more. Before the family directory is published, we will submit to you, for your approval, the details we plan to place in the directory. This will be before the directory is published to everyone else.

We will not put any information about you in the family directory without your permission.

All information, otherwise, will remain confidential.


Instructions For Completing Forms

The purpose of the Spouses Information form is to gather information on your spouse. Add extra pages for additional spouses. This information will not go outside the family.

Explanation of fields:

  • SPOUSE -- Full name of your spouse, including prefix and suffix
  • ID -- Sequential number of each person
  • RELATIONSHIP – Husband, wife, ex-husband, etc.
  • NICKNAME – Self-explanatory
  • HOME ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE –- If this is the same as your address and phone, place a check in the box and don’t worry about completing these fields. We will use your address here (Hope this saves you some). Otherwise, complete these fields
  • MARITAL INFORMATION fields are all self-explanatory
  • LABEL NAME –- The way you’d like to have your mailings addressed; for example, Mr & Mrs John Doe, Mrs & Mr Jane Doe, Jane & John Doe, Jane Jones & John Doe, Keep as is – however you want it. Your address label will contain this from now on
  • BIRTH INFORMATION fields are self-explanatory
  • STUDENT? – Check here if your spouse is a student
  • OCCUPATION/MAJOR -- What your spouse does for a living or the person’s major, if a student
  • WORK PHONE -- Self-explanatory
  • DECEASED INFORMATION fields are self-explanatory
  • Accomplishments -- Your spouse’s work history, milestones, education and training, honors and awards, foreign languages, licenses and certificates, businesses owned, books written, etc.
  • Place your spouse’s e-mail address somewhere on this form

The purpose of the Accomplishments form is to gather information on your achievements, your educational accomplishments and training programs completed. This is your opportunity to brag about yourself. Add extra pages for additional information. It will remain private.

Explanation of fields:

  • OCCUPATION/MAJOR -- What you do for a living
  • WORK PLACE -- Name of your work organization
  • WORK PHONE -- Self-explanatory
  • WORK EXTENSION -- Self-explanatory
  • SCHOOL ATTENDED -- Name of your schools, degrees and certificates, and the courses of study in which you specialized
  • OTHER TRAINING -- Other specialized education you would like for us to know about
  • AWARDS – Accolades, honors, laurels given on the basis of merit
  • TRAVELS – An account of your journeys
  • PROMOTIONS – Any advancement in rank, responsibility, or position
  • MILESTONES -- Significant events in your life; turning points
  • SPECIAL INTERESTS – Subjects or activities that are special to you
  • OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS – Great or heroic deeds, books written, etc.
  • NOTES -- Anything else you would like for us to know—your career path plans, your other goals, etc. If you are own a business owner give us information about your business. Expand on your work experience, if you wish.

Contact Info



Toll-free: 1-877-642-8313, 4627

Postal Address:

Atlanta Patterson-Smith


P. O. Box 44063

Atlanta 30336-1063


Kids’ Corner

Solve the following puzzle:








Clue: The above is a person

(referenced in this issue).


Atlanta Patterson-Smith Family Group

P O Box 44063

Atlanta GA 30336-1063









Family Member Name

Number Street Address

City, State Postal Code