December 1999

Volume 1, Issue 3

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Happy New Year!!!

We wish you the very best this year and look forward to serving you in July.

Many of us used the holiday season to assess our fortunes and share our happiness with family and friends.

May the coming year bring you health and happiness.

Our New Year's Resolution!

We here in Atlanta pledge to make Reunion2000 the best:

  • Stay in touch with you and give you what you want and need to keep you on top of the latest information throughout the planning process.

  • Give you the means to stay in touch with us via e-mail and our toll-free number.

  • Keep your expenses as low as possible given the quality of care and service we will be providing.

Your New Year's Resolution

The following are the top 10 Most Common New Year Resolutions:

1) Lose weight

2) Stop smoking

  1. Stick to a budget

4) Save more money

5) Find a better job

6) Become more organized

7) Exercise more

8) Be more patient at

work with others

9) Eat better

10) Become a better person

Whatever your resolutions, when setting goals for the new year, we would like for you to add the following:

  • Immediately return questionnaires/forms, if not done already

(Be sure to read the

instructions in your

newsletters for

completing each one)

  • Give assistance to family members who need it to accompish the above (to elderly, disabled, etc.)

  • E-mail, call the toll-free number, or otherwise contact

the Atlanta group

regarding anything about

Reunion2000 matters

  • Make hotel reservations early when the information is provided

  • Get in my registration fee early when the information is provided

  • Set aside money for Patterson-Smith Reunion2000, including

money for the hotel,

money for the

registration fee, and

a little extra for fun


The Saturday Event

We cannot wait to tell you about our Saturday activity.

Our package includes a private scenic pavilion, a lunch buffet, and an All Attraction Pass which includes UNLIMITED

Admission into all the following:




--Antebellum Plantation

--Antique Car & Treasure


--Wildlife Preserve &

Petting Zoo

--Discovering Stone

Mountain Museum




--Pedal boats

--Hydro Bikes

--Beaches with Waterslides


Why Aren't You Taking Advantage of Our Toll-Free Number?

If you don't have an e-mail address, contact us toll-free

--To give forms data

--Change of address


--Copies of old newsletters

--For talents you can share

with the family (keep in

mind that we might not

have a need for them all

but let us know anyway;

yours might be the one(s)

we need)

--Your favorite recipes for

the family cookbook

Be mindful of the fact that this toll-free number is

for reunion matters only.

Company Name

Number Street Address

City, State Postal Code


Did You Get A PC For Christmas?

Here is information for those of you who received new computers for Christmas.

Yahoo! and K-Mart have teamed up to provide totally free internet service. This includes free e-mail as well as other free amenities.

If you already have internet access, you can download for floppy disks; otherwise, you can call toll free 1-888-945-9255 to get a CD-ROM mailed to you.

There are, also, other ways to get free internet access

so do your research.

Don't forget to e-mail us your address when you are set up.



Company Name

Number Street Address

City, State Postal Code








Subscriber Name

Number Street Address

City, State Postal Code


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