Our Patterson Family Origins

by Tamara Fisher (contributions by Ulysses & Addie Jones)

Where does the Patterson family originate?

Aside from supposed African origins, there is evidence which suggest that the family had connections Virginia. The death certificate of Sallie Patterson, Aaron Patterson's mother, shows Virginia as the place of birth of her and her parents. But, so far, our first solid evidence of the family is in Oconee County, South Carolina. Sallie is shown there in the 1870 census with 6 of her children. We see her there in 1880 with 16 year old Aaron and Amanda age 11 living next door to her 18 year old daughter Margaret and her family. Sallie resided in Oconee County living with her daughter Amanda and son in law Benson Kilpatrick. Benson cared for his mother-in-law until her death. Sallie lived to be 102 and outlived most of her children including Amanda.

Sallie's son Aaron resided in Pickens County South Carolina with his wife Dora and seven of their children. In 1910 we see the family in Anderson. My great grandma Artie and all of her children were born in Anderson.

So how did Artie's branch of the family get from Anderson, South Carolina to Asheville North Carolina where many relatives still reside today?. This is a question I posed to my Grandpa, Ulysses Jones, who also resides and has had been a successful

entrepreneur in Asheville most of his life.

His answer: "We came in a Model T..."

Artie's brother Sammie had moved to Asheville and been successful finding work at the Norbin's Hospital which was owned by a wealthy family in Asheville. He encouraged his younger sister to move there as well. Artie initially came alone. Sammie got her a job as a cook working in the Norbin's home. Grandma Artie had to go back to Anderson for awhile to tend to her ailing mother

who had been injured during a 1929 tornado but obviously Artie's heart was now in Asheville.

Artie and her new husband had a farm in Anderson County on which they grew a variety of crops, mostly corn and cotton. But with the promise of a better life in the city they propositioned a friend to drive them to Asheville. They loaded up their four kids, Addie age 13, William 11, Ulysses 9 and Clyde 7, themselves and the driver and all the belongings that could fit and headed towards Asheville. Grandpa described the journey as very slow.

"We probably could of walked faster...", said Grandpa.

The old Model T gave out about halfway. Luckily they broke down in front of a house and the family who lived there helped out until they could get on their way.

Artie resided in Asheville until her death in September 2000. Her descendants are now spread far and wide. From humble beginnings as farmers in Oconee County South Carolina to executives, pastors, entrepreneurs, college graduates, engineers, etc. in Asheville, Atlanta, Chicago. Connecticut, Florida and beyond.