Clyde Jones "A War Hero"

Photo of Clyde Jones

(b. March 25,1924 – d. April 12, 1951)

Eagle and Flag

Army - SGT - E5

SERVICE NUMBER: RA14278294 MOS: 03060

May 28th was Memorial Day. A day in which we give honor to those who've given their service and sometimes their lives in the defense of our country. We've chosen to use this Moment in History to honor a special war veteran in our family. Clyde Jones, the youngest son of Artie and Thomas Mason was born March 25, 1924. Clyde served in the United States Army with the rank of sergeant. He was killed in hostile action on April 12, 1951. Clyde lost his life at the age of 26. 54,246 American service men and women lost their lives during the Korean War. A Korean War Veterans Memorial has recently been erected in Washington D.C. To honor those who died in that war. Clyde Jones will be one of those veterans remembered.

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